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Save to Win

Save to Win

What is Save to Win?

This is a special Certificate Account at Community Alliance CU that helps build savings while also giving you chances to win thousands of dollars, with monthly cash prizes! 

Members can open a Save to Win account at any time, but the sooner you open the account, the more chances you have in winning cash prizes!

  • There is a maximum of 10 deposit/entries ($250) per month and we encourage you to make deposits monthly.
  • Every $25 deposit into this certificate helps build your savings and gets you another chance to win. 
  • All the money you deposit into the Save To Win account is still yours, plus interest!  

To participate, you must be at least 18 years of age, a legal resident in the States of CT, IL, IN, MI, NE, NC, NY, SC, VA and a member in good standing with a traditional share account at the Credit Union.  Also, trust accounts do NOT qualify.

To open your Save to Win account, call us at 800.287.0046 or visit either office. Remember, our Livonia Branch is open 7 days a week.

Number of Winners Selected Monthly in 2018:

# of Winners Prize Amount Total Winners Total
150 $25 1,800 $45,000



Winners Selected Quarterly in 2017:
# of Winners Prize Amount Total Winners Total
1 $5,000 4 $20,000
5 $1,000 20 $20,000
10 $500 40 $20,000





2018 Official Rules

Congratulations to the following Winners:

2018 $25 Winners:  Marion K. , Thomas Z., April T.

2017 $25 Winners:  Michael G., Alma P., Charlotte G., Bernadette O., Cecelia B., Patricia A., Sandra A., Susanna M. Jared S., Charolet B.

2016 Winners $500 Winners:  Michael V. and Satish Kumar S.

$25 Winners:  Richard G. , Thomas Z., Larry C., Jennifer K. , Charolet B., Barbara S., Michelle H., Thomas Z., Thomas Z., Christine B.

$50 Winners:  Timothy D., Thomas Z., Charolette G., Charolet B., Denice Y., Charlene B., Daniela B., Douglas B., Carole W., Alesia E., Charolet B., Marion K., Elaine B., Mary C., Michelle H., Frank G., Darlene A., Charolet B., Cecelia B., Richard G., Gloria F., Marion K. Gloria M, Patricia A.

To see all the winners click here.

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